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Sarah Fardell

Great, good flavour (no falvour)

So easy

delicious and filling

Marcel Stammeier
Nice flavour

nice flavour, easy to mix in, take all other flavours on my favourite Banana and Peanut butter, or Vanilla and Blueberry

Kieren Watkins
Solid product

It's good, but I wish they had a range of flavours that were vegan. The unflavoured powder is good mixed with peanut butter, banana and milk though.


I ordered 2 chocolate. Tasted disgusting. Didn't taste like chocolate at all. More like vanilla, even though the packet states chocolate. I did email, and the customer service was fantastic I must admit.

Next Level

These meals are perfect, great taste, appearance and texture. Super quick and easy to make and great value.

The texture is one of the smoother nutritional shakes. Needs work on the flavour to quote a family member ‘tastes like paper not chocolate’. Tried mixing with all milk, as well as ice-cream for a creamy texture.Recommend mixing half milk and half water.

Phillip Sharp

Was looking for an alternative to Huel in Australia. I tried a few and QOTA came out on top. Vegan, good price point, not overly complicated ingredients and nice basic flavor. Exactly what I was looking for.

Great taste

Keeping in mind this is healthy and ready to make food the taste is great for the value.

QOTA Nutrition Bundle
Uladzimir Silchanka
Good full meal replacement

While not the tastiest thing in the world - QOTA does great job at replacing a full meal, without giving a sense of being too full. I like taking it after my evening gym session as a dinner replacement.

Great first impression

The sample sizes are perfect and I really appreciate the free cup included too. I tried the vanilla and cous cous samples that were both great. Really wish the salted caramel sample size was in stock at the time as I would absolutely order it, I would also buy a measuring cup or scoop if that became an option.

Great local product - hot water or vegan available?

Love this choc low carb formula, have it for brekkie daily for a reliable nutritious hit. Have been drinking it with boiling water lately in the winter -- does this change nutrition profile / bioavailability?
My dairy free partner also keen for a choc vegan option.

Tastes awful and chalky

I've enjoyed the vegan meal ever since I moved to Australia almost two years ago, and wanted to have a low carb option for my partner thinking it would taste as good, if not a bit bland, but it is genuinely awful. We've recently bought a plant based high protein meal replacement from chemist warehouse and the difference couldn't be more stark, it actually tastes like chocolate and the texture is really pleasant.
Unfortunately we ordered another bag from here before making the discovery, so we'll have to mix the two together to get through the Qota bag...

Gritty texture

The powder does not mix well. Had chocolate and coffee samples. The taste is okay, but the powdery residue just settles at the bottom. No matter how much I shake or blend, it doesn’t mix well with the water.

Very gritty and bland texture. Works in a pinch but not enjoyable.

QOTA Shaker

Works well, doesn’t leak

Gritty and bland but very filling, the price of convenience and time.

t'was gud

I’ve been a longtime user of Aussielent products. I like the science and the concept of complete nutrition in an easily prepared meal. QOTA have enhanced the Aussielent concept. The Moroccan Couscous is tasty and really easy to prepare. I reduced the water to 1 cup per cup of QOTA as the 1 ½ cups was too wet. Good product. Happy customer.

Very strange, bland flavour in isolation

First time tryer of this product. I have IBD and struggle to eat at times and thought this would be a solid alternative to my protein shake + multivitamin strategy. This drink, I cannot stress it enough has the LIGHTEST note of cocoa. In fact it kind of tastes like if you were to suck on a dry mi goreng noodle, I know that sounds very odd, but it's just... weird. Now I will admit the pricing is reasonable. You can definitely find cheaper protein powders and as mentioned above pair with a multi vitamin (which has higher vitamin dosage) and fish oil tablet to achieve a similar, more effective method and will run you much cheaper.

They are filling just a little flavorous & gritty putting in blender helped but wanted to just use the portable shake bottle I’m still happy though and wanted to support an Australian product

Great product

I've been using Aussielent since it first came out on and off, it's great for feeling good and weight loss, however I have to take a point off due to the bag it comes in and the mess of getting the 125g serving size, it would be nice if QOTA did another product with pre served sachets instead for on the go!
Otherwise amazing product and quick delivery times!!

Nice simple flavor.

Good product.

Kalpana Palaniswamy

Liked the previous one better.. new formula doesn’t taste good.. I have no choice but to drink it cause I don’t like vanilla and this is the only other low carb 😥