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They are filling just a little flavorous & gritty putting in blender helped but wanted to just use the portable shake bottle I’m still happy though and wanted to support an Australian product

Great product

I've been using Aussielent since it first came out on and off, it's great for feeling good and weight loss, however I have to take a point off due to the bag it comes in and the mess of getting the 125g serving size, it would be nice if QOTA did another product with pre served sachets instead for on the go!
Otherwise amazing product and quick delivery times!!

Nice simple flavor.

Good product.

Kalpana Palaniswamy

Liked the previous one better.. new formula doesn’t taste good.. I have no choice but to drink it cause I don’t like vanilla and this is the only other low carb 😥

David Simmonds

Kinda tastes like Nippy's Iced Coffee, if you've ever had that. So not really like actual coffee at all, but good enough. Probably my 2nd favourite flavour, after Salted Caramel.

Perfect Filler

Delicious flavour and is filling. I use this as my breakfast so I don't have to rush around in the mornings. It is quick and easy and tastes great.

Bad texture and taste

Product isn't palatable at all unfortunately. I've switched to an alternative and don't think I'll finish what I've ordered. Drink is bland with a gritty texture.

Hi Alex,
Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Qota. We always recommend that people try our Sample bundle (as you did!) before making a larger purchase. We do find that people strongly prefer one flavour over another and some people prefer our Hot and Savoury products over the Shakes.
Cheers Paul

Long time buyer

I've been on the QOTA/Aussie Soylent train for about 8 years. For a long time I had it for breakfast and lunch, but these days just for lunch. The vegan option is pretty good, it's my preferred option. My Dentist says my teeth are pretty good, in case you're wondering if it has any effect on your teeth.

Seriously good

Better than Huel Hot and Savory. Definitely my favorite meal replacement option right now.

Mark Williams
Quick and easy to stay healthy

Since the rename to QOTA the formula is spot on. No more sandy texture after taste at all now. I still add a little bit of hot chocolate powder to amp up the taste but it's not necessary. 2 minutes to make, pop it in the fridge to chill and enjoy.
Makes my life so much easier knowing I'm getting all I need to be healthy.

Easy to drink!

I’ve been using QOTA for 4 months and the low carb options have been great at keeping me going during busy evenings (avoiding fast food temptations) and keeps me full until the next morning. I add a bit of lactose free skim milk before adding the powder and it mixes better and tastes nice also! Chocolate is awesome but I think I actually like the vanilla a bit better!

Best complete meal replacement

Having a healthy tasty warm meal at this price in 5 minutes is incredible. Really miss this product in Europe.

QOTA Starter Bundle
Roderick Paton

Yum yum

Great, just wish for more flavors

Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy there is a meal replacement shake for vegans that seems to have most of what I need, but a few more flavors would be nice.

Great hot option

I drink A LOT of Qota shakes, and when the the savoury option came to be, I was excited to give it a try! Was not disappointed! Great flavour, easy to make, will mix up the tedium of shakes 4-5 times a day

Tasty, cheap and hits the spot.

A step back.

The new formulation with soy protein isolate is a real step back. The smooth, milky taste and texture of the old version was far superior to this slightly-gritty formula. It doesn't help that it also adds a slightly butyric acid taste that's completely unappealing.

Tasty, good to mix with other flavours and serves as I need it

A healthy lunch in no time

I've had Aussielent on subscription for lunch for years.
I blend up a large batch of kale, english spinach, cucumber, banana and mint (similar to Boost Juice Caribean Green) and then freeze it in 250ml plastic containers. For lunch I microwave them for 1 minute then drop them straight into a shaker cup with Aussielent. If I'm working away from home, I drop it in frozen and it melts by lunch time. This way I'm getting all my greens as well as the other nutrients. The banana and cucumber cover any coarseness in the Aussielent. Overall its alkaline which settles my stomach. I've been doing this for years now.
The above could be made into a freezer product in supermarkets - green protein smoothies at home - just add water. I don't have time to do it.
I do think Qota could be improved. Could milk products be eliminated? For climate reasons we should minimise cows.

New formula is an improvement overall

1) The removal of the soy grits has removed all issues with digestibility I used to have AKA it no longer makes me fart like crazy. Massive win and makes the product actually viable as an everyday food source.

2) It's noticeably stickier when dry, which makes it quite a bit harder to pour from the bag or a container. This is not a deal breaker but it is a bit annoying.

3) I feel the flavouring is slightly more intense.

Other than that, the new formula is very similar to the old in taste and texture, so if you were happy with the product, you should still enjoy it, and also be able to spend time with other humans after eating it, which is nice. Thanks.

Best vegan meal replacement!

I'm so happy I found QOTA vegan powder - what a great product! The taste and texture are both very pleasant, whereas for some reason most powders are so sweet! No horrible aspartame aftertaste here! I usually have it plain and find it very palatable, but it's also easy to mix into a fruity or savoury shake. Love it!


I like the nutrients, but I don't like the texture of the drink. I made cupcakes with it instead, so delicious!

Not a fan of the new flavour

I quite liked the neutral flavour of the old vanilla formulation. This new version is sickly sweet. I don't think I'll order it again.

QOTA Starter Bundle
Longtime fan & customer
Don't ruin a good thing

It's not bad, but last time I ordered was a few years ago, and only just finished my supply from then recently.
So I think I can safely say the Vegan formula tasted much, much better before it was changed.
It now has a weird malty flavour.
I'm not aware of any alternatives, so I will probably continue to buy it and just not have it as often as I was.
But I would very much welcome either a return to the previous formula, or a new formula which removes this malty flavour and restores the original oaty goodness.

Love it

There are some products I like so much that I become a free salesman. This is one of them. I love immediately getting stuck into my work and projects. I work mornings, and qota helps me get more sleep without rushing around to compensate. It also helps me save money, because it will never go off before I get through it and it's half the price of most ready-to-eat vegan meals. When I'm in a pinch, I don't need to turn to expensive fast food or unhealthy, highly processed foods.

There are only a couple things I would tweak. At first, I didn't like it at all. I thought it was a complete dud. It tasted like sugar-free pancake mix, like wet oat-flour. But then I added one tablespoon of cocoa powder and it became a significantly healthier and cheaper up & go. That's a tip I wish I knew when I first got the product, and I wish there was a forum of sharing tips on easy ways of making qota go down even better. It doesn't appear in the article on preparation.

I appreciate that qota has a vegan staple, and I hope that more flavoured meal replacement shakes (as opposed to the new meals) will appear in the future.