Sunswift is a team of students from UNSW who design, build and race the world's most advanced solar powered vehicles. They are a 100% volunteer organization consisting of predominantly undergraduate students studying engineering, industrial design and business.  In addition to studying full-time and working part-time, the team members put in 40 or more hours work a week to reach their goals. 

Last month the team headed to Darwin to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a grueling 3000-km race from Darwin to Adelaide that attracts many of the world's top universities.  This year they were testing out their new vehicle Violet, their first four seater solar vehicle.  The race launched with Violet starting in 10th place on the grid.  After passing through the Daly Waters control stop Violet sadly experienced some mechanical failures that made it unsafe to continue and had to retire. The team plans to fix Violet in preparation for the South African Sasol Solar Challenge in 2018.  We are very proud to have supported Sunswift on their journey this year in a small way by providing some meals and wish them all the very best on their future roads to glory! You can follow the team on their Facebook and Twitter feeds. (Images courtesy of Sunswift.)