Jim climbs harder with Aussielent


In January, Jim headed to Tasmania to climb in some beautifully remote and picturesque places.

“I’ve been exploring the southern end of the island, around Bruny Island and the Tasman Peninsula. There have been some absolutely stunning sea cliffs, including the famous Moai, a 7km walk from Fortescue Bay. It was a real experience hiking out and on sighting every route on it.

This trip is predominately trad climbing focused, which I think is easily the coolest and most engaging form of climbing, for both me and people watching.  Trusting your life to small bits of metal jammed into tight fissures is thrilling! 

Having Aussielent shakes on hand has made the logistics of some of these bigger days much easier, and I'm climbing harder and harder everyday so they're really hitting the spot.  My energy level has increased, and I’ve been really impressed with my recovery after exercise. 

The long shelf life makes it perfect for remote climbing missions, and not having to sacrifice nutrition for energy, or vice versa is awesome. I’d highly recommend Aussielent to anyone and everyone, no matter what your lifestyle. I’ve been very so far impressed, and I imagine I will continue to be!"