Sugar Cravings?


Did you know the World Health Organisation (WHO) has set recommendations for the sugar intake of adults?

WHO recommends that ‘free’ sugars make up no more than 10% of daily kilojoule intake to prevent unhealthy weight gain and dental cavities.

This works out to about 12 teaspoons (or 50 grams) of free sugar per day for adults.

For Australians, soft drinks, energy/electrolyte drinks, cordials and fruit juice/drinks are the most common source of free sugars.

Here are 3 hints to reduce your daily sugar intake;

Read the nutritional 'back of pack' labels. Anything over 10g/ml per 100g/ml of sugar is high in sugar and is best avoided if you want to reduce your sugar.

Many breakfast cereals are extremely sugary! Don't let breakfast become dessert - good low sugar options include oats, eggs, greek yogurt and Aussielent powder.

Snack carefully. Lower sugar snacks include nut mixes (almonds), edamame (roasted soybeans), pumpkin seeds (high in good fat), popcorn (plain low-butter), corn thins, greek yogurt, hemp seeds, dark chocolate, seaweed, and dehydrated broccoli.

Sugar Cravings?

Berries are a great choice if you're craving something sweet. They’re delicious, vitamin rich (especially in Vitamin C and Manganese), low sugar and high fibre.