Do vitamins work? Using supplements to keep healthy

Too busy to stop?

If you find yourself regularly missing meals because you're too busy to stop and eat, you may not be getting enough nutrition for long-term health.  When we're very busy, we can get into the habit of skipping lunch and making up for the missed meal later with an extra-large snack, substituting a nutritionally poor snack-food for a proper meal. 

Science has shown the human body has complex nutritional needs that must be met through the foods that we eat.  These needs can be split into two major groups, macronutrients (carbs, protein and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Food fortification

People who find it difficult to incorporate nutrient-rich foods into their diet, either due to time or cost, should consider fortified foods and beverages as a convenient and cost-effective solution.  In Australia some regular staple foods are already regulated to incorporate fortification. For example, most bread is required to be enriched with folate, thiamine and iodine.  Globally, government regulated fortification programs are considered one of the highest return health interventions considering the low cost and high impact on people’s health.

When we're very busy it can be difficult to even find the additional ‘thinking’ time to consider our long-term nutritional needs and put some interventional plans in place.  And when we are very busy, we don’t need another ‘task’ added to our schedule – like remembering to have a multi-vitamin on schedule!  It’s all just overwhelming! 

Aussielent complete meals are a great solution for busy people. All products are fortified with 27 essential vitamins and minerals, contain at least 20 grams of protein and can be prepared in less than a minute.  Aussielent also have flexible subscription plans – so you can rely on receiving product at the times when you want it.

If you do find yourself in a poor eating cycle, check out this article (link) that explains why this is happening.  Or if you need help to refresh your eating patterns, check out our free meal plan calculator.

Here’s to heathy eating.

Cheers, Paul